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Special Car Free Day Offer

As a thank you, all who take the Car Free Day pledge will receive a confirmation email with a $30 Nift Gift (neighborhood gift) online Promo Code.  With the Nift app, discover great local businesses in neighborhoods where you live or work.

Car Free Day 2022 Raffle Prizes

All who take the Car Free Day pledge will be entered into a free raffle for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

* When taking the pledge, please provide your full address to become eligible for a prize. You will not be placed on a mailing list.


Car Free Day 2022 Local Promotions


Information By Jurisdiction

District Of Columbia



Congratulations to the following people who were winners of the Car Free Day 2021 prize raffle!
Alonna Barnhart
Michael Bingham
John Cheng
Sonya Connor
Ariana Daney
Akshay Deverakonda
Rolando Diaz
Allison Elkins
Alyssa Fox
Tom Gryn
Kieran Hatton
Kathlyn Hopkins
Sophia Hu
Patrick Husted
D. Johnson
Rajendra Kumar
Clara Lau
Heather Markman
LaCresha Mirrielees
Alan Pearlman
Erika Reyes
Mercedes rivera
Dieynaba Sall
Serena Sampler
Jo Shoemaker
Cathy Smyth
Amy Thomas
Theresa Westover
Tyler Young
Mark Zwolski