Travel around the District, northern Virginia and suburban Maryland without the hassles of traffic, parking or the expense of gas.  Options include Metrobus plus local bus systems throughout the region.


Get around the region on rails via the Metrorail subway system or the commuter trains – MARC or VRE.


Go “car-lite” by joining a carpool or vanpool for Car Free Day! Visit Commuter Connections to find rideshare partners for commuting or special events. Download the CarpoolNow app for on-demand carpooling services and start connecting in real time to others who want to share a ride.


Bicycling is a healthy, quiet, clean, economical, and fun way to get to where you need to go. Thousands of DC area residents, employees, and students travel by bicycle every day for work, play, school, errand, etc. Visit Washington Area Bicyclist Association, Capital Bikeshare, and Washington DC Regional Bike Guide, Bike Map, and Bike Router (scroll down and select “Commuters” then “Bicycling”).



Walking is a great way to and burn calories instead of burning gas! Visit Map my Walk to find printable walking maps of any city.

Telework/Co-working/Shared Workspaces

Available technology allows employees to transparently perform their duties outside the traditional workplace.  Ask your supervisor if you can telework on Car Free Day.